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Traveling #PoBoy901: The Sauce is Boss

A hoagie filled with fried shrimp, tomatoes and lettuce.

When Jacqueline Johnson was a schoolteacher, she began selling fresh gulf shrimp on the side of the road, not knowing they would soon serve as the main ingredient in one of Memphis’ greatest seafood finds, the #PoBoy901.

Because her business, Fresh Gulf Shrimp, is mobile, on Sunday evenings, Jacqueline posts her weekly lunchtime locations on her Facebook page. Customers line up for a taste of the popular PoBoy, the Cajun Sampler (her favorite) or the Saltwater Catfish PoBoy (my favorite).

All of the menu options are rightly seasoned and worth trying. The service is exceptional and the sauce is boss!

Joyce McKinney, KQ Communications

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