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Holidays call for … barbecue?

by The 100 Companies
Holidays call for ... barbecue?

Barbecue might not be considered part of a traditional holiday feast, but it’s easy to forget that if you live in Western Tennessee. Shopping, decorating and gift-wrapping work up an appetite, so hit up these local spots for some of the best Memphis-style ribs, dry rubs and vinegar-based sauces around.

• Corky’s “wet” ribs are good, but their “muddy” ones are better.
• Payne’s sandwiches and sides have been made exactly the same since 1972, and for good reason.
• A&R Bar-B-Que didn’t invent rib tips, but they’re perfecting them.
• The Rendezvous set the standard for Memphis-style ribs back in the 1950s.

–  The 100 Companies reports

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