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Edge Alley Roaster, Cafe, Micro-Retailer Opens on Monroe

by Michael Polzella
A sandwich filled with bacon, lettuce, tomato and pimento cheese.

Edge Alley is open on Monroe, so we ventured over to peruse its coffee roaster, cafe and micro-retailers.

Its Instagram had us interested in the food, so we ordered the pimento BLT and lox, served on biscuits. They’re hearty enough for dinner, and we’ll order again. We also got the chocolate bread pudding. It’s worth going just for the jam-swirled chocolatey concoction. Next time, we’ll try a caramel thyme latte.

The space is sure to have traffic, especially since you can bring beer from neighboring High Cotton Brewery. Go this weekend, and be sure to shop the retailers.

Amelia Ables, KQ Communication

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